Yate Town Council have confirmed that the water feature in Kingsgate Park has remained closed after more glass was found in the area.

The Gazette reported last week that an 11-year-old boy was taken to hospital after cutting his foot open on glass in the water fountain at the park.

As a result of the incident, Yate Town Council were forced to drain the water and staff helped to clear glass out of the feature before placing a cordon around it.

A spokesperson for the council said that more glass had been deliberately placed in the park.

"Yate Town Council staff have continued to find freshly placed broken glass in the water feature despite draining this area and cleaning completely," they said.

"To avoid any further injury to young people, Yate Town Council will continue to keep this area closed and monitor until it can be proven that irresponsible people have stopped leaving broken glass in the water feature."

The council had expressed their disappointment at the incident, stating that there had not been any similar injuries sustained at the park for over a decade.

Yate Town Councillor Alan Monaghan revealed his annoyance at the situation.

"I find it difficult to understand why people would continue to place glass in the water feature knowing the injuries it will cause to children," he said.