ANGRY residents have described a potential new housing development in their village as ‘absolutely outrageous’.

Hawkesbury Upton residents are opposing Spitfire Bespoke Homes Ltd’s development of 21 homes and 90 parking spaces, which has already been granted outline planning permission by South Gloucestershire Council.

Residents told the Gazette the development, in a field next to Park Street, would cause a ‘huge number of issues’.

“The road here is already restrictive,” said Roger Jones, a resident of Park Street. “You struggle to get two cars down the road at the same time, if you have a HGV then you are in trouble. It will have to mount the kerbs to get down the road.

“The plan for the area is absolutely outrageous. There is absolutely no way that the development can go ahead safely.”

An equestrian centre where 25 horses are kept in stables is just metres from the development site. They regularly use a bridleway where an entry road to the new homes is expected to be placed.

“Council officials have been down to look at the site and they have said to us that this development is going to make things a lot worse,” said Emma Roberts, whose home would be overlooked by the new properties. “It is a highly dangerous development, residents are worried about the traffic on the road and also the access across the whole village.”

Another issue raised was that low hanging telephone lines could be hit by lorries. There are also concerns after a wildlife survey found that a rare species of bat is living near the area.

The main access in to the village is a lane that has two pinch-points straight from the A46, a road that residents said has a lot of crashes.

A spokesman for Spitfire Bespoke Homes said they “completely understand” residents’ concerns, adding: “The site already has outline planning consent for 21 homes which was granted in 2018. We have now submitted the required reports and plans as part of a detailed application. This follows meetings with interests groups, local residents and the parish council.

“Spitfire will look to encourage further community and neighbourhood consultation as the plans progress.”