THE Crown Prosecution Service is to re-examine its decision to charge a Dursley woman with arson endangering life after lawyers agreed at court yesterday (Thursday) that she had been 'over charged'.

Dina D’Acessio, of Rangers Avenue, Dursley, was originally charged under her previous name of Whitehouse.

Both Janine Wood, prosecuting, and Steven Young, defending, agreed at Gloucester Crown Court yesterday that D’Acessio had been over charged for the arson offence with Mr Young adding that D’Acessio would most likely plead guilty to a less serious alternative charge.

Judge Ian Lawrie QC said: “This is an unusual case and I agree that the Crown Prosecution Service should re-examine the evidence.”

Judge Lawrie released D’Acessio on unconditional bail until she returns to the court on August 22 to hear the result of the re-examination of the case by the CPS.