AN EIGHT-year-old girl from Berkeley has been selling fruit in aid of the Cotswolds Cats and Dogs Home.

Kittie Stanyer, who is home educated, said: “A few weeks ago my aunty said I could pick some of her apples and sell them.

“I made a business plan, painted my own paper bags, painted a sign and made some flyers as part of my home learning.

“I knocked on my aunty’s neighbour’s doors in Brookend to tell them about the apple sale and put some flyers through the letter boxes.

“Then I went around Brookend knocking on doors to sell the plums and apples with my mum and aunty, explaining the money was being raised for the Cotswolds Cats and Dogs Home charity.

“I raised £27.74 which my aunty is taking to the charity for me.

“I would like to thank everyone who bought apples and plums today to support the cats and dogs.”