A devastated dog owner from Almondsbury has launched an appeal after three of her pets are feared to have been stolen.

Sandra Pierce has mounted a huge search to be reunited with Mo, Summer and Amber, her three Shetland sheepdogs - otherwise known as 'miniature Lassies'.

The three dogs are believed to have been taken from Sandra's home in Almondsbury late on Friday night (August 9).

Sandra says all three of her dogs are microchipped.

Five-and-a-half year old Summer is the mother of 13-month-old Amber - and the third dog, Mo, is 12 years old and needs regular medication.

Sandra said: "They are very distinctive and I'm sure if people see them they will instantly recognise them.

"We are just desperate to get them back. We've been out looking, we've put it on social media, we've alerted all the missing pet sites, but so far nothing."

"We don't care what the circumstances are of how they come back to us, we just want them back.

"They can drop them off at a police station, leave them somewhere safe where they will be quickly found, no questions asked.

If anyone has any information about the missing dogs call 101 and use the reference number 5219183543.