Around 200 people came together to attend a special Dursley and Rednock School reunion.

Organised by former pupil Adrian Weaver, the event on Wednesday was for pupils of the school between 1948 and 1965.

“About a year ago I was sorting through a box of old photographs and found my panoramic school photo,” Adrian said.

“I unrolled it and recognised about 40 faces and could remember their names, and wondered how I could find the other names.

“Facebook came to mind, so I registered with Dursley groups, including Dursley Grammar School group.

“I scanned the photo and by trial and error found a way of putting it on Facebook in a ‘3D’ format that allowed pan and zoom so faces could be viewed clearly.

“To my surprise it the project seemed to gain popularity and dozens of responses helped me build the full picture with names.

“Several contributors asked if I had photographs from other years, some offering to lend me their copies for the project.

“As the first photo had been received so well, I decided to try the adjacent years, so 1959 and 1964 were scanned and put on Facebook.

“Again, a good response led to names flooding in. Further requests prompted me to scan another 3 photos, 1948, 1952 and 1959, all of which are on Facebook with many faces now named.

“These were all the photographs taken during the Dursley Grammar school period.

“People had spoken to me and asked if I would consider it.

“With the photographs spanning 16 years it was clear this would be a large event.

“I thought it would be extra special if we could get permission to hold it in the Rednock School, which in our day was the Grammar school.

“The proposal was met with great enthusiasm by headmaster, David Alexander.

“Holding it around midday allowed attendees to travel there and back in daylight.

“They offered to help at the reunion by taking small groups around the new school to show us how different education is today.

“Everyone seemed to enjoy meeting old acquaintances. My biggest worry was the registration procedure but I am relieved it went so smoothly.”

“I am very happy to provide all the contact details I have managed to find should anyone in the future want to hold another reunion.

“I currently have over 300 names with email addresses on my computer. I have tried to list the dates each contact attended DGS to help with smaller, year specific reunions.

“I am looking forward to returning to my normal way of life.”