Staff and students at Brimsham were praised by the headteacher Kim Garland after a number secured top grades.

On the heels of A-Level results day last week, Ms Garland revealed she was delighted that they were able to make improvements in key areas, particularly in the grades secured by boys.

"Nationally for many years we have seen boys underperform when we compared to girls," Ms Garland said.

"We have been determined to make this not the case at Brimsham.

"I am proud to share that boys' overall progress has risen.

"We are not complacent and this will continue to be a focus for staff."

75% of all students that were taught at the school achieved a grade 4 or above in English and maths and over half attained a grade 5 or over.

Shaun Bailey, Chair of Governors at the school said: "We are delighted that the school's performance has improved on last year, but we are also proud that the school's performing and creative arts flourish."

One student who achieved fantastic results at the school, Callum Hendy said: "I think a lot of the success is down to students doing their revision.

"Being confident and having faith in yourself and what you are doing is something else.

"I really wanted to do well in maths and so it is nice to see that I did that."

Callum achieved: Three 9's, three 8's and three 6's.

Another student Joshua Holloway told the Gazette that he was interested in becoming a teacher in the future after the support he had received on his way to five 9's, three 7's and two 6's.

"I really enjoyed my time here at the school," he said.

"I am not ready to leave just yet so I am staying on the sixth form.

"The staff are great, they can't ever do enough for the students."

Another student, Ben Moore said: "I am really happy with the grades I got.

"Finding the right balance and also having the right attitude is key."

One student who achieved exactly what she needed to was Lucy Tanner.

After struggling with her reading and writing when she started in year 7, she achieved the grades to get on to her animal management course at Cannington College.

"I am so happy I can't believe it," she said.

"I have had so much extra support from staff at the school and I can't thank them enough.

"I would just say to people to never give up and always try your best."