Iron Acton Parish Council have placed boulders around the green in a bid to prevent travellers from getting on to the land.

The decision was made to place the boulders around the green after numerous 'intrusions' on the green over the last two years.

The parish council told the Gazette in April that they were going to look at measures to prevent travellers getting on the green after numerous occasions where the groups left rubbish behind.

A consultation was then started with residents in the village and even though most opposed previous plans for boundaries on the green, they supported the decision for the boulders.

Fence posts have also been put around Latteridge Green.

The travellers that vacated the green in April left behind human waste, rubbish in the bushes, pushchairs and black bin bags.

There were reports that the group were also using residents taps in their back gardens near to the field.

There was also a number of marks on the green that had been caused by fires.

The intrusion in April was the followed by another camp in May and so the council took the steps to make sure that it would not happen again.

The council posted on their Facebook that this would be a temporary solution whilst a more permanent plan was sorted.

The council also suggested that they were looking at taking legal advice on the issue, potentially with an aim of making it a criminal offence to camp on the village green.

A South Gloucestershire spokesperson said: “We have a responsibility to ensure the welfare of traveller communities passing through the district.

"This includes providing facilities for them to collect waste.

“Work is being progressed to identify potential transit sites or temporary stopping places for Gypsies and Travellers.

"It is anticipated that proposals for this and other uses will be presented for consultation through the Council’s Local Plan in Winter 2019.”