EXPERIENCING or re-experiencing the joy of cycling is one of best aspects of our summer.

Admittedly it’s not been easy this year with more rain than sun and incredibly strong winds especially in the Stroud Valleys and Vale.

Of course for those of us who cycle the whole year round this is nothing more than we would expect from the British weather, climate change or not.

It remains true that many more bikes are sold each year than motor vehicles.

Most households have a bike, even if it is stored inaccessibly at the back of a shed or outhouse.

Yet numbers cycling are lamentably low compared to most other developed countries.

The Government’s recent response to the investment strategy on Cycling and Walking Safety is available though the GOV.UK website.

I intervened in the recent debate to stress that it must also include horse-riding - made some valuable points.

However it is crucial now that the funding follows to make cycling safer.

Most motorists are very tolerant of cyclists but some pass far too close and far too fast.

The Highway Code is very clear on how drivers should treat cyclists. Sadly there remain cyclists who are their worst enemy not riding sensibly. I have always maintained that on roads at least helmets should be compulsory, and individuals must wear something fluorescent and not have earphones on - hearing can be as important as sight.

Nevertheless everyone and anyone who can cycle should feel safe to do so. Children in particular should be encouraged to cycle. It would free up so much road space at the school run time but more importantly it would really help young people’s fitness and well-being.

So hope to see you all on your bikes soon. It really is fun!