A FRUSTRATED motorist has created an app which tells people the status of both the Severn crossings.

Dave Griffiths lives in Chepstow but hopes the app will also help people in the Aust and Severn Beach areas on the other sides of the Severn and Prince of Wales bridges.

Enviroute has been created with the help of isthebridgeopen.co.uk and input from Highways England.

The app simply says whether each bridge is fully open, open in one direction or closed and provides notifications about upcoming closures.

There has been significant disruption on the bridges over the last year due to work being carried out to remove the tolls.

Dave said: “The problems I’ve been seeing now for the past few months are mainly down to the lack of information being shared and/or discrepancies in the information.

“Highways England do their best to let everyone know about closures but I just don’t think their reach goes far enough and they, through no fault of their own, end up excluding certain users because they don’t have access to the information.”

The app has received more than 2,800 downloads since it launched two weeks ago.

Dave, a tech entrepreneur, said: “All in all the app has been really well received.

“The community has really gotten behind it and shown a great deal of support and help when it comes to identifying bugs in the app and notifying me of any discrepancies in the information.

“There have been a few Facebook groups who seem to be put out by the creation of the app as they have told me they provide the updates on the bridge status” but quite frankly these groups/pages were not doing a good enough job and people want an easier way to get updates.”

Andrew Page-Dove, Highways England regional director for the South West said: “We are working with David to see how we can ensure users of his app have access to the most accurate, up-to-date information.

“The Prince of Wales Bridge and the M48 Severn Crossing are vital links between Wales and the South West and we are keen to get involved in supporting any additional means of sharing information with road users which will sit alongside our existing Twitter and web pages.”

The free app uses information from highways websites, social media and roadworks checkers to determine the bridge’s status.

Enviroroute is available to download on IOS and Android.