Mya Hyndman

Mya, 10, has worked extremely hard to overcome the social difficulties she has faced due to ADHD.

Facing her own struggles, Mya has continued to shine, taking the time to share her positivity with patients, hosting an evening every week at Mill House care and dementia home.

Mya has overcome her challenges to the extent that she meets with the team who run activities in the home, and presents her ideas, plans and runs the activity with the residents.

Mya said: “I am so grateful to be nominated.

“This has come as a big surprise, I give up my time for the residents as I love being with them.”

Esme Hodge

Gazette Series:

Five-year-old Ezzy has refused to let her diagnosis of cerebral palsy get in the way of her living her life.

More than £100,000 has been raised for her two life-altering surgeries and Ezzy has recovered from these while attending mainstream school and her various therapies.

Mum Angela said: “We are extremely honoured Ezzy is a finalist. She has been through so much and works so hard everyday on her dream to walk. She is such an inspiration to so many people.

“This is a very welcomed opportunity to celebrate all that is Ezzy and how far she had come. We are just so happy for her. Good luck to all the amazing people nominated.”

Heather Kent

Gazette Series:

Heather’s commitment to keeping her town clean is contagious, influencing many others to follow suit.

Litter picking in Fairford in all weathers, she has taken it upon herself to talk to groups like the Brownies and has even stood up to her peers when they drop litter in front of her.

Heather, 11, said: “I am delighted to be a finalist because it shows that people recognise what I do.

“However, what makes me happier will be when people hear about me being a finalist it may stop them from dropping litter.

“My goal is to spread the word about the litter problem and hopefully my nomination will help raise awareness!”