The business owner in Chipping Sodbury has praised her staff for their quick thinking after the fire service were called to the beauty salon.

Two fire crews were called to Cloud Nine on Chipping Sodbury High Street on Thursday after an incident involving a tumble dryer on the first floor.

However, owner Aimee Hoskins has now confirmed that it was not a fire and that calling the fire service was 'precautionary'.

"The salon was not on fire," she said.

"Our tumble dryer was on and started to smoke really badly and we were concerned it was going to catch on fire.

"Luckily the girls quick thinking meant that the fire service turned up before anything more serious happened.

"There is a lot of stories about issues with dryers at the moment and so they called 999 as a precaution.

"All electrics are safe and we were open as usual less than an hour after it happened.

"Thank you to all the girls who handled the situation amazingly.

"Also thanks to the very efficient firefighters .

"Finally, a very big thank you to our clients who were all so understanding."

Avon Fire and Rescue Service had confirmed that firefighters were forced to wear protective clothing and breathing apparatus to deal with the incident at the salon."