It’s September and I’m now back in Westminster where events are unfolding as I write.

Of course, teachers and children are also now returning to school and I send them best wishes for the new term.

This is also a moment to look back on my work in and around Stroud, Dursley and across the constituency this summer.

I’ve been working closely with schools for the last couple of years, and this summer I asked them to complete a survey on the state of education funding.

The results are shocking.

Every single headteacher who responded said current funding was inadequate, 84 per cent said they had cut books and teaching resources, 79 per cent had cut teacher training and support, and 65 per cent have been forced to axe parts of their curriculum.

Three quarters said they had also cut Special Educational Needs and disability provision.

One headteacher described ‘a feeling of isolation and inability to keep children safe’.

I suspect we may see a flurry of spending announcements from our new Government, after nine years of holding our schools and children in such low regard.

But it is uncertain whether these promises will materialise or will be sufficient to reinvigorate our schools, and I will be following closely.

Back-to-school can come as a relief to many children and parents.

This summer I joined Play Gloucestershire at their play sessions where they also provide free lunch.

It’s vitally needed, says Play Gloucestershire director Pip Levett.

For too many children summer holidays can also mean hunger.

I’ve also been working to ensure that older people receive their proper support.

I was shocked to learn that £3.7million of Pension Credit has been unclaimed in Stroud with over 1,600 homes missing out.

I’ve written to older people across the constituency urging them to make sure they are receiving this support.

Look out for my letter!

Several constituents have approached me recently to talk to me about concerns about the availability of medicines and I am concerned that this will be a growing problem.

Availability of medicines, food and working with our farming community to protect them from the impact of a disastrous No Deal Brexit are my priorities for the coming weeks.

Do get in touch if medicine shortages have affected you.

David can be contacted by emailing