I ALWAYS enjoy writing this column and am delighted to be able to write this one!

Six months ago I was gently chided by a reader about an article where I implied our friends in the emergency services were all male.

Where was the acknowledgement of the female contributions, he asked. I have been waiting for a chance to put the record straight.

Now I can do so.

The first of the emergency services to reach me in my crashed car (Saturday, August 17) was an ambulance containing paramedics Becky and Vito.

They were first class, looking after me, assessing the situation and doing so much to make sure that I was properly cared for.

From the minute they arrived at the W in Nailsworth until they checked me in at A&E in Gloucester I could not have wished for better care.

This was emphasised when the fire service arrived to help remove me from my vehicle. A familiar voice asked “does your wife still like lobster?”.

The speaker was a former friendly waitress from Williams Kitchen, now a female fire officer.

This brought me back to reality and also the 30 plus years I have sat opposite Mrs Light as she consumed copious quantities of creatures of the deep, especially lobster.

In hospital, Dr Lucy (her first name) and her energetic team dealt with me in a friendly and efficient fashion. Top marks to them.

Thanks and praise for these cheerful, professional and kindly people is duly deserved.

They served me and so many others in fine fashion. We are lucky, myself especially so.

Good wishes have come from near and far. Long lost cousin Stephen from Horsley originally got in touch. He is of course following the fortunes of GCCC. Critics of this column showed their true colours with good wishes.

The members of public who helped at the accident scene proved one heartening fact.

People are pretty decent.

This has come home to me in so many ways since 5.40pm on Saturday, August 17.

Since then Forest Green AFC or GCCC have not lost. Someone must be looking down on me.