COULD a new cinema be coming to Dursley?

That’s what residents want, and now bringing a cinema to Dursley will be discussed at a town council meeting next week.

A survey sent out by the town council asked residents what they want to see in Dursley, and a cinema was among the most popular suggestions.

Dursley Town Council have confirmed that the topic will be discussed at the Policy and Finance Committee meeting next Tuesday.

One resident, who has lived in Dursley for all of his life, claims that a cinema would be a great investment for the town.

“I think that it would be great for residents of our town,” said Ralph Darby, 82.

“There has not been a proper cinema in the town for a number of decades and from talking to people I have found that they are really supportive of the idea.

“There is nothing like it here, if you want to go to the cinema then you have to go in to Wotton or to Cribbs Causeway.

“I hope that there is someone around that can help make this happen in the town because it would help the young generations.”

There was a group at the Chantry Centre that showed films once or twice a month in the town, but this stopped because it was not supported.

Leader of Stroud District Council, and councillor for the Dursley Ward Doina Cornell also threw her support behind the suggestion, describing it as a ‘good idea’.

“I would welcome the proposal for a cinema in Dursley,” she said.

“I think that it would be great for families with young children who struggle to get public transport to other areas.

“I believe that the council would wholeheartedly support it.”

Dursley Town Council’s meeting will take place at the Methodist Church, Castle Street on Tuesday 10th September 2019 at 6:30pm.