First Bus have announced that people travelling on a single journey in Yate and Thornbury will now only pay £1.50 after pressure from campaigners.

The move was announced at a meeting on Monday evening, with the flat rate tickets due to be available in the near future.

It is a step that is due to help promote public transport.

One campaigner, Liberald Democrat Councillor and candidate Claire Young said: "This is fantastic news for bus users in Thornbury and Yate.

"Last year's fare rises left them paying far more for a short bus journey than those in Bristol or Bath.

"It made people think twice about using the bus to go to the shops, adding to the congestion and parking problems.

"We pushed First Bus to give us a low flat-rate fare for journeys within town and we're delighted they're doing that."

Yate Town Councillor Chris Willmore revealed that she had spent a large amount of time pushing for progress like this.

"We have fought for this in Yate for years," she said.

"It's a key plank of our 'Let's Get Yate moving' plan.

"It was nonsense expecting people to pay a fiver to get to the shopping centre and back.

"Well done to First Bus for listening.

"Now we need to tell everyone about it and show bus bosses that cheaper fares work."

Thornbury Cllr, Maggie Tyrrell added: "At this price, people will be happy to jump on a bus rather than face the hassle of finding a parking space in town.

"I'm glad First Bus have heeded our arguments."