A promoter has apologised for noise disturbance following a boxing event in Charfield.

Westgate Promotions' event, which featured a number of local bouts and had legendary boxer Frank Bruno in attendance, was held on Saturday evening.

Promoter Danny Tomlin has now written to residents to apologise for what he called 'poor conduct' from a DJ.

One letter stated: "I am writing to sincerely apologise for the noise disturbance caused by our event.

"While we acknowledge our fault and accept responsibility for this poor conduct, an issue did occur external to our event at around 12.45pm which involved both our events staff and security having to leave the marquee for up to an hour to resolve the situation.

"This meant no one was available to shut the DJ set down at 1am.

"We have since taken retrospective action against the DJ."

"We remain incredibly sorry for the distress and disruption the noise from our event caused you. We would never intend to disturb anyone in the community, and only hoped to create an event for people in the local area to enjoy."

Another letter said: "There were some internal issues that led to the night running far later than anticipated, but on reflection this was clearly not acceptable."