Disney's The Lion King is the must-see show of our generation.

If you haven't yet seen The Lion King on stage yet, make sure you get tickets before it leaves the Bristol Hippodrome on November 23.

A soon as the show begins you are thrown directly in to Africa, with the opening number Circle of Life, transporting you to a place where it is impossible not to get goosebumps or feel your hairs stand on end.

There is no musical, or any that I have ever seen, that grips the audience as quickly as The Lion King.

It feels as though it shouldn't work, trying to replicate the stunning cartoon images from the 1994 classic film just shouldn't be possible.

The band in the pit grab the audience's attention immediately, with drummers high up in the boxes on either side of the auditorium it is impossible to not enjoy the stunning music in this show.

However the portrayal of all characters and the ensemble completely sell the entire experience.

There are laughs for all ages during this production, with Zazu (Matthew Forbes) helping to provide a clear link between the different types of humour through the show.

There were stunning performances all around, the roles of Simba, Nala and Rafiki are all extremely challenging, but Dashaun Young, Josslynn Hlenti and Thandazile Soni all excel. Incredible from all three.

The plaudits should not stop there though, with Jean-Luc Guizonne as Mufasa and Richard Hurst as Scar also deserving of the thunderous applause at the end of the show.

Another special mention should go to young Simba and Nala who helped capture the beauty of the show with their energy and chemistry.

The brilliant Timon and Pumbaa also help provide moments of hilarity for the audience, they were excellently portrayed by Steve Beirnaert and Carl Sanderson.

I do not believe that there are many people on the planet that would not enjoy this production. It is fun, lively, emotional and breath-taking.

It is enjoyable for all ages, everybody would have a brilliant time watching this fantastic show.

The whole ensemble were given a standing-ovation at the final curtain, with every single audience member showing no hesitation in getting up and showing their appreciation for the magic we had all witnessed.

If you get the chance to go and see this show, enjoy it. Limited tickets are available for the run here.