A GLOUCESTERSHIRE postman will be delivering blows instead of letters this week, when he takes part in a wrestling match in Dursley.

Ryan Williams always wanted to become a wrestler and when he turned 30 this year he decided it was time to make his dream a reality.

He said: “It’s something I’ve always wanted to do - I’ve been a wresting fan my whole life.

“A training school opened just down the road and everyone encouraged me to go so I went along. Then I just kept going back week after week.”

The Royal Mail worker, from Cheltenham, competes under the South West Wrestling banner - and he’s a hit with audiences.

Known as Ry The Guy, he has two special moves - the Special Delivery and the Return To Sender.

He said at first he wasn’t keen on using his postman alter-ego as a gimmick.

But he has gone on to find that his Royal Mail connection can be helpful when he steps into a ring.

He said: “It brings a different audience.

“And people recognise me as just a regular guy.”

Still a full time postie, Ry goes out on his rounds, delivering letters in a revealing WWE-style costume.

The cut-off sleeves allow him to show off his muscular arms.

A former personal trainer, Ry said he is really looking forward to his match in Dursley, which will see him up against Buzzsaw Bronson for the South West Wrestling title.

The match is taking place at the Lister Hall on Long Street in Dursley on Friday, September 13, from 6.30pm.

Tickets are available from southwestwrestling.co.uk