Two women are combining their knowledge and experience to launch their own special beauty salon in Pucklechurch.

Nicola Clancy, 40, and Nicole Ball, 25, have worked as stylists together before but now will open their very own space where they can accommodate more clients.

“It is really exciting to have our own space to do this,” Nicola said.

“I have wanted to do this for over 10 years and now I can’t wait to get started.”

The new business has been named ‘The Secret Salon’ and will focus on providing a number of different services.

These include: Hairdressing, wedding packages and also extensions.

“We want to thank everyone for the kind messages and support, but the person we definitely need to thank is Jamie Nelmes who made this possible,” Nicola continued.

“I also want to say thanks to Nicole who gave me the push I needed to do this.”

Nicole echoed Nicola in thanking Mr Nelmes, whilst revealing her excitement for the new venture.

“I wanted a base,” Nicole said.

“Me and Nicola have worked together before in the industry and I am excited for the future.

“We think that girls want an experience when it comes to this sort of thing and we hope that we can provide them with that.”

The Secret Salon is open now, and is based at Court Farm in Pucklechurch.