Men seen acting suspiciously at an address in Thornbury may actually have been legitimate utilities workers. 

Three men were found at the side of a property wearing hi-viz vests and claiming they were from 'Wales & West Utilities'.

They advised the resident they were working in the area but when asked for proof of ID, no documentation could be produced and they left.

In a warning placed on social media PC Paula Manos said: "Always ask for ID and never let anyone into your address unless you can be 100 per cent sure of who they are.

However, Wales & West Utilities have since contacted Avon and Somerset Police to confirm they did have workers in Thornbury last week saying: "They were in uniform with identification and a marked company vehicle.

"Each employee has their ID on a lanyard around their neck and on the back of the ID there is a contact number for residents to call if required.

"W&WU have trackers in all their vehicles and are able to track or locate where their employees are or have been.

"W&WU are responsible and maintain the gas network and pipes leading upto the gas metre box at properties and at present are working on a 30 year lay replacement."

PC Manos said: "At this moment in time I am working with W&WU in trying to indentify persons who have carried out work on an address just outside Thornbury.

"We are unsure at this time if they work for the company or not.

"Wales & West Utilities are a genuine company and not rogue traders and they urge homeowners/residents to always ask for ID as their employees will provide one."