THERE are fresh appeals for yellow lines in a ‘dangerous’ Dursley road following a crash which injured two drivers – and the county council looks set to take action.

Motorists and Dursley Town Council want yellow lines in Lister Street and Victoria Close to prevent cars being parked on both sides of the road at the same time, which reduces visibility for drivers and means that only one vehicle can fit along the two-way carriageway at a time.

This follows a crash between a Toyota bin collection truck and Audi at around 7.30am on Friday, September 20, which was said to be due to parked cars obstructing the view.

Kylie Taylor, who lives on the Littlecombe development and regularly drives along Lister Street, said she has almost crashed on a number of occasions due to vehicles pulling out of the side streets or coming towards her head-on due to their view of the road being blocked by parked cars.

Kylie, 31, said: “It is dangerous along there because you can’t see oncoming cars, especially going up the hill towards the Uley Road junction.

“It’s a difficult situation because obviously the people who live on Lister Street or in one of the side streets need somewhere to park, but something needs to be done before there’s another crash and someone gets badly hurt or even killed.”

Due to the Littlecombe estate and other new housing in the area, those roads have become busy traffic routes for drivers going between the development and the B4066/Uley Road junction, as well as motorists coming from Long Street.

Many drivers have reported almost crashing in that area due to oncoming vehicles not seeing them due to the parked cars.

During a consultation by highways authority Gloucestershire County Council (GCC) in April this year, Dursley Town Council asked for yellow lines to be installed at strategic points along Lister Street and Victoria Close to prevent cars parking on both sides at the same time.

Town clerk John Kay said: “Dursley Town Council support restrictions in this area.

“I haven’t heard anything from GCC since then so I don’t know the current status of the proposed restrictions.”

A town council spokesman added: “The council request that at no point along Lister Street/Victoria Close that parking is permitted on both sides of the carriageway.

“This is due to the lack of visibility, carriageway width, road geometry and increased usage with the new junction layout connecting to Long Street and Bymacks Lane.”

Yesterday, a county council spokesman told the Gazette that the authority intended to install yellow lines at certain points of Lister Street and Victoria Close, in response to comments during the consultation in spring. More detail on where and when the lines will be placed is yet to be published.

Two men, the respective drivers, were treated for their injuries after the crash on September 20, but neither was believed to be seriously hurt.