A SENIOR Liberal Democrat in South Gloucestershire has said that a song played at a party event recently which contained a swear word and distasteful lyrics about former Prime Minister Tony Blair is totally unacceptable.

South Gloucestershire Councillor Claire Young told the Gazette that the song, which was played at an unofficial Liberal Democrat Glee Club event in Bournemouth, is a sign that the party need to raise the standard of debate.

The song pokes fun at the former PM and Labour’s attempts to form a coalition with the party and has been a part of the event since the mid 90s.

“Glee club is an unofficial party event that is on the whole an enjoyable, light-hearted evening,” Cllr Young said.

“There are some songs, such as the one in question, which uses language that I believe to be unacceptable.

“As Jo Swinson has said, the language we use is important.

“With the Liberal Democrats surging ahead in the polls with a clear message of stopping Brexit, I want the party to raise the standard of debate.”

Cllr Young’s comments came after Council Leader Toby Savage publicly called for an apology from the Lib Dem’s.

“South Gloucestershire residents will be really disappointed to see senior Liberal Democrats take part and join in such a distasteful singalong at their conference,” he said.

“Given the tragic murder of MP Jo Cox only three years ago, they should be more sensitive to the ramifications inciting such extremist behaviour could have.

“I think they should apologise fully to people for their behaviour and condemn this type of nasty politics they’ve engaged with.”

“It is not the South Gloucestershire way or what we should be able to expect of our representatives.”