A DAD whose son cut his foot on glass in a Yate park says the town council should pay him compensation – and that the 11-year-old still can’t walk properly more than two months on.

Terry Brown’s son, aged 11, suffered a deep cut when playing barefoot in the water feature at Kingsgate Park, next to Stanshawes Pub.

The glass had been deliberately placed there by vandals, and the cut Jaylen sustained was described as ‘very deep and roughly 2.5 inches long’ by Terry.

Yate Town Council looks after maintenance of the park, alongside a small group of volunteers, and at the time of the incident on July 25 the authority apologised.

But Terry is not happy and is now seeking compensation.

In a letter he sent to the council, which he showed the Gazette, he wrote: “It is quite evident that Yate Town Council found the water feature unsafe as they saw fit to subsequently close off the water feature post incident.

“We feel that we should be compensated in some way for all he has been through. He has been an absolute star through it all. He has tried to just get on with things the best he can. He has broken down into tears a few times when it all gets too much, but he has tried so hard to stay positive throughout.

“We have had to cancel a holiday, we have had to hire wheelchairs, borrow crutches, buy walking shoes to support our son's foot more to hopefully enable him to begin walking properly again.”

A spokesman for the council said in response: “Yate Town Council is dismayed to hear that this unfortunate incident occurred in one of its parks due to vandalism. The council wish nothing but the best for the young person involved and hope he makes a full recovery.”

Following the incident, a council spokesman slammed the ‘stupid’ vandals who put the glass in the play area.

The spokesman said: “We are shocked that anyone could be that stupid to smash glass in any facility, especially one that is designed for very small children. The town council checks all its facilities frequently and will continue to do so. Over the years we’ve had isolated incidents. This facility has been used by large numbers of children successfully for over a decade without problem until this incident. Staff have worked hard to check the facility and remove any remaining glass.

The play feature was due to reopen but more glass was found by the council and now, more than two months on, the fountain remains shut.