AN OLVESTON couple are celebrating after setting a world speed record.

Husband and wife Angus and Fiona Macaskill have each just been presented with a world speed record from the Federation Aeronautique Internationale (FAI), the governing body for aviation records, worldwide.

The pair set the records in their Monun, a light two-seater plane built in 1971.

Fiona gained her record on March 24 on a flight south through France calculated at 199kmh. Angus’ record was flown a week later, whilst slower at 192 kmh was established as a record from mid-France back to Gloucester.

The records were for the class of single-engined planes, between 500kg and 1,000kg.

These records are established by GPS tracks and by observer’s declarations at each end of the leg.

As a result they take a considerable time for the FAI to formally validate.

The certificates were presented by Mike Waldron, chairman of the Gloucestershire Light Aeroplane Association, at their recent branch meeting.

This world record is Angus’ first however Fiona already has four world speed records to her name from when she competed as an international paraglider pilot.

Although Angus, 69, has had a flying licence since he was a teenager, Fiona starting flying planes five years ago when she retired from paragliding.

Angus remarked that he expecting ongoing marital teasing that Fiona’s record was faster than his own – but has nonetheless consented that they will be mounted in the same frame for all to see.

More records could be on the way for the pair in the future as Angus said they had some ‘interesting challenges ahead next year’.