A DURSLEY resident has blasted a housing association over “unfair” charges.

Devon Povey, 19, lives in a property in Pederson Close which is managed by the Green Square Group.

Ms Povey said she is being charged a monthly fee for the maintenance of a communal entry area which she does not use, as her home has a separate entrance way.

“Rubbish is building up there too and it hasn’t been cleared for three months,” she said.

Jan Morse, neighbourhood operations manager for Green Square said: “Our estates team carries out regular communal cleaning, including dealing with fly-tipping, and this is part of what is covered by the service charge.

“Over the last few months we have assisted with the removal of dumped items and have today removed two van loads of rubbish from the bike shed and bin stores area.

“We are committed to working with customers to identify and charge those responsible wherever possible and to prevent further nuisance.

“Grounds maintenance of the area is carried out by a separate management company and we are liaising with them to clarify their responsibilities.

“We work hard to tackle any antisocial behaviour issues when these are reported to us.

"This includes agreeing an action plan with our customers and signposting to other local agencies for available support.”