During my time in the pub review business I usually calculate where I am going weeks in advance but my visit to The Squire - Sodbury Steakhouse was more spontaneous and I was not disappointed.

On my last visit to Sodbury I nipped in to The Beaufort on the other side of the High Street, on that occasion I detailed how I had to perform a perfect parallel park in order to find a space.

Those problems haven’t changed, but as soon as I walked through the doors of the pub/restaurant I completely forgot my issues from outside.

You are greeted with the friendliest faces who make you feel completely at ease.

Their friendly and attentive attitude helps establish a very relaxed atmosphere.

It is credit to staff at The Squire that they have been able to create such a popular restaurant on the same premises as one of the busier pubs in Sodbury, it shouldn’t really work and yet somehow when you are sat in the restaurant you feel like you are in a completely different building.

Me and my ‘date’ for the evening were waited on by the wonderful Keely, she was very friendly and offered us some opinions on what to have from the large menu.

Upon further enquiry we were informed that a number of the meals on offer can also be made gluten free for those with specific dietary requirements.

The pub itself also is very accessible for disabled people which is another key point.

Now on to the food, I was hugely impressed.

I ordered the full rack of ribs which comes glazed in barbecue sauce with fries.

It was absolutely lovely, sometimes with ribs you can find that there is actually limited meat.

This was not a problem here, they were also very large which was good news for me as I was famished.

The other meal that we chose was the much discussed Burger of the Day, which was the upside down pizza burger.

I have to say I had never heard of an upside down burger before but it was a regular burger in a brioche bun. The top of the bun was placed on the burger upside down though, with tomato tapenade, smoked cheddar and chorizo.

Again this was served with chips and onion rings, and from the look on my date’s face it was certainly enjoyed.

We then shared an apple and blackcurrant crumble which lived up to the expectation, it was brilliant.

As far as restaurants go, the Squire is right up there with the best that I have been to.

The only negative is that I attended just a few days before music legend Paul Weller, missing my chance to give him my rendition of Town Called Malice.