Thousands of motorcyclists will cross the Severn Bridge on Sunday as part of an annual charity event.

Hoggin’ The Bridge sees bikers cross the Severn Bridge from Aust before journeying through a number of South Wales villages to Caldicot.

This year money is being raised for Wales Air Ambulance, but other charitable groups will also benefit from a share of the money raised over the weekend.

Motorcyclists will leave the Severn View services area at 11am to travel westbound across the bridge.

Highways England has warned drivers to expect disruption.

Gareth Price, South West emergency planning officer for Highways England, said: “We’re anticipating quite a few thousand motorcyclists taking part in this year’s event which is likely to lead to delays between 11am and midday.

“Our advice is to check our traffic and travel information channels, set off early and allow plenty of time for your journey.”

More details on the event can be found at