A FAMILY say they could have been killed when a car crashed into their house – and they want safety measures in the ‘dangerous’ road.

Melissa and Tim Fox spoke to the Gazette after a car almost ploughed through the wall of their home in School Road, Wotton-under-Edge.

Mel said she was walking up the road with her 10-year-old son just minutes before the crash, at 5pm on Tuesday, October 1.

Tim and Mel, who also have a 12-year-old daughter, said the incident had left them ‘shaken’ – and they explained how they have been asking Gloucestershire County Council to take action to make the ‘dangerous’ road safer.

“We have been saying for years that the council need to do something about the road,” Mel said.

“It is only a matter of time before there is a fatality on this road.

“I was walking on the road with my son just two minutes before the crash happened. We could have been killed.

“There need to be signs on the road because the speed of some cars as they come past is scary and it is just getting worse.”

Tim said they were also concerned for the safety of pedestrians on the road.

“It is not a matter of if, it is a matter of when someone is killed,” he said.

“There is no lighting on the road so on a night people go really fast.

“It is a road that is used by a lot of cars and pedestrians and it is really dangerous.”

It is estimated that more than 50 children cross that road to get to school each day.

With tight bends, limited visibility and no pathways, this makes it difficult for pedestrians to pass safely.

Bollards outside of Mel and Tim’s home were knocked over by the car, with the front left wheel going over their front doorstep.

The Volkswagen knocked the first bollard over and then clipped the second before hitting the bin outside of the home.

“If the bin wasn’t there I think he would have come through the wall,” Mel continued.

“It did really shake us up because it could have been a lot worse.

“We have written to the council and asked them to review the road but we haven’t heard anything. We just want something done because the problem is getting worse and worse.”

A spokesman for Gloucestershire County Council told the Gazette that staff would ‘monitor’ the road.

“We have visited the site to make sure it is safe and have ordered new bollards to replace those which were damaged in this incident,” the spokesman said.

“We are not aware of any other incidents relating to speeding or road safety in School Road but will monitor the situation going forward and consider any action if the need arises.”

The bollards were still down last night, over a week after the incident.

A gas leak had to be fixed in the aftermath of the incident.

A 57-year-old man, the driver of the VW, was arrested at the scene on suspicion of drink-driving but he was later released after providing a negative alcohol breath test.