REDNOCK School gave all of its students a mental health break during their studies as part of mental health awareness week.

Last Thursday, which was World Mental Health Day, a chime was sounded over the tannoy once in every lesson.

Students and teachers stopped what they were doing when they heard the chime and then took a minute to take ‘mindful breaths’ and ‘just to be’.

“The whole school were breathing and were being mindful at the same time,” said Mandy Johnson, head of drama.

“This simple activity really made students aware of the importance of World Mental Health Day and emphasised the need to take time for themselves.”

Miss Johnson runs regular meditation sessions at the school. Rednock also has ‘Guardian Angels’ - staff and sixth form students who have received mental health first aid training. The angels wear badges so that any student can approach them and speak about their mental health and well-being.

The school has now been awarded a Mental Health Champions Award, acknowledging the high-quality provision on offer to support the mental health and wellbeing of the school community.