Dursley, Thornbury and Yate residents area were among those taking part in a People's Vote march in London on Saturday joined one of the UK’s largest ever political demonstrations.

There were over 200 coaches from across the UK, with a strong South West presence.

An estimated one million people took part in the march, calling for a referendum on the final Brexit deal.

Kevin Sell from Yate said: “I'm marching to stay in the EU to better enable an open, liberal, fair, stable and progressive society for all current and future UK citizens.”

Fiona Gordon from Dursley said: “This is my first ever rally.

"I’m marching because I want to ensure Westminster understands the breadth and depth of feeling about the whole Brexit sham.

"I don't want to rely on other people making my point for me, I want to literally stand up and be counted as one of those that stands against Bo-Jo and his millionaire backers who will, given the chance, sacrifice jobs and prosperity for the many of the UK for their own gain.”

Andy O’Brien from Thornbury said: “I’m marching because in the 2016 referendum politicians promised whatever they thought the public wanted to hear.

"Three years on, the lies and law-breaking are clear to see. So it’s time to vote on the facts now, not the fiction.”