SIX alleged drug dealers, five of whom are from Dursley, have appeared at Bristol Crown Court.

They were part of a gang of 12 alleged drug dealers, all charged with plotting to supply class A drugs.

Andrew Holdsworth, 34, of Acacia Drive, Dursley; Yasmin Anya-Maria, 46, of Acacia Drive, Dursley; Lee Fisher, 34, of Oak Drive, Kingshill, Dursley; Daniel Fisher, 33, of Oak Drive, Kingshill, Dursley; Rhys Pulley, 27, of Kingsdown, Dursley, and Steven West, 48 of Lawnside Avenue, Nailsworth all pleaded guilty to conspiracy to supply cocaine at Bristol Crown Court on on Friday, October 18.

The case had first been heard at Gloucester Crown Court, but the judge there ruled that the courtrooms were not big enough to host a trial involving so many defendants and the case would have to be transferred to Bristol.

The appearance at Bristol was a second plea hearing, as opposed to sentencing.

The six are set to be sentenced at Bristol Crown Court on Wednesday, December 11.

Six of the defendants pleaded not guilty and are due to face trial in April of next year.

They are Tracy Holdsworth, 54, of Acacia Drive, Dursley; Jamie Griffey, 26, of Third Avenue, Dursley; Lewis Bendall, 32, of Spouthouse Lane, Cam; Diane West, 28, of Gloucester Rd, Stonehouse: Matthew Cornwall, 34 of HMP Long Lartin Prison and Andrew Venna, 35, of Lowdham Grange Prison.