Staff at the old Thomas Cook store in Yate Shopping Centre have returned to work after five weeks.

Five members of the team at the old Thomas Cook shop have returned to work for Hays Travel as it officially reopened in the centre on Monday.

Thomas Cook closed in September but Hays Travel took over earlier this month.

Most stores are set to reopen but Yate is amongst the first.

“People have been popping in to say hello and welcome back, it has been really lovely,” manager Emily Richards, who had worked with Thomas Cook for 17 years, said.

“It is a strange feeling because five weeks ago we were closing the shop and were told we no longer had jobs.

“It is really nice to be able to come back to something that is familiar and something that you know.”

Jo Galsworthy, another employee who has returned to the shop after working for the company for 29 years.

“It has been really nice to see people come back in,” she said.

“Coming back to this job is an odd experience but I think we are so grateful for it because it has given us our jobs back.

“There are so many emotions, we knew as much as the customers did.

“Hays Travel are our guardian angels, I am very grateful to them.”

Both Jo and Emily also lost holidays that they had booked for next year but are hoping that customers return to the shop to start organising trips.

“We are back open for business so people should come back in and say hello,” Emily said.

“Feedback we have had from people has been so nice.”