A DURSLEY man has written a zombie novel set in his home town.

Trevor Wakefield published The Reanimated Dead: Into the Cotswolds last month.

The book tells the story of Brian, a factory worker who awakes to discover there has been a zombie outbreak.

After sitting out the chaos in his house, he is eventually forced to leave in search of food.

His journey towards Bristol, believed to be infection-free, takes him through Cambridge, Slimbridge and Berkeley.

The majority of the book is set at Rednock School where an intrepid band of locals, led by ex-police offciers, have set up camp and are starting to fight back against the TRADs (The Reanimated Dead).

Trevor, a forklift engineer who has lived and worked in and around Dursley for most of his life, wrote the novel in his spare time and is already penning the sequel.

"Book two is well under way and there will be at least three and possibly five books in the series.

"I know there have been zombie books written about Dursley before but these are longer, grittier and darker.

"I thought everything out there was too Hollywood and not based, as much as a zombie book can be, in reality and common sense.

"I wrote it as a 'two fingers' to teachers who told me I wasn't very good at English and story telling and also to show my two-year-old son, Dalton, when he is older that nowadays anybody can do anything," he said.

Free copies of the book are available via Kindle Unlimited. There is a cost of 99p on standard Kindle.

Paperback versions are also available to buy via Amazon.