With Halloween upon us, we look at one of the most haunted locations in the area. The Ancient Ram Inn has been called the most haunted house in the UK, and just stepping foot inside the former B&B will make your skin crawl.

Caroline Humphries, who has taken over the reigns from her father, John, who sadly passed away last year after living in the house for over 50 years, said the house in Wotton-Under-Edge was built before records began.

The rooms are cramped and dolls are plastered around the house, there is also a mummified cat on display in the front room, which Stroud Museum say is between 400 and 500-years-old.

The Ram is situated on the site of a former pagan burial ground and is the location of where child sacrifices are said to have taken place.

“My dad was told about the child sacrifices many years ago and so he used to go to the charity shops and buy teddies to comfort the spirits,” said Caroline.

Numerous disturbing incidents are said to have taken place at the 12th Century home, including devil worship and the death of a young girl called Rosie, who was thrown down the stairs and died after breaking her neck.“We’ve dug up some bones next door, there’s quite a lot of black death bodies in this surrounding area as well,” Caroline said.

After coming out of the RAF, John bought the Ram in 1968, but at the time, knew nothing of its eerie past. “He was trained to be a Baptist minister, he didn’t believe in ghosts, he bought this for a guest house and on his first night he got dragged out of bed by his wrists.” Following the incident, John never went anywhere without his Bible.

Caroline lived in the house with her partner in her mid-30s after waiting for another property to be finished.

“I had tarot cards with me, and I wrapped them in a wooden box in the bedside cabinet and the cabinet got thrown down the attic stairs with my cards inside.

“I was waiting for a property to be ready and I was out of here as soon as it was ready, in fact before it was ready.” Although not deeply religious unlike her father, Caroline says she wouldn’t enter the house without her cross on as it protects her.

The most common occurrences at the house is poltergeist activity. “I think it depends on the person really,” she said. “And what sort of energy you bring to the house.” When John suffered a spate of burglaries at the Ram, Caroline installed CCTV footage for the police, but was shocked by what she heard.

“They rang me up one night and said your dad sounds very confused, he’s just rang us to say he thinks he’s been broken into, and so I rewound the CCTV, and the noise from it was horrendous but there wasn’t a soul in the building, it sounded like breaking furniture which was exactly the noise I heard when my cabinet was thrown down the attic stairs. For some reason, poltergeist activity sounds horrendous.”

When Caroline was a child, she revealed that sometimes the house’s guests would disappear and jump out of the windows to escape, but the most common complaint is the most disturbing. “They come out with scratches,” she said as she showed me the pictures. “They don’t know they’ve been scratched, it’s quite shocking, and there are always three scratches.”

As we got up to have a look around the house, Caroline told me that children’s graves are located under the sofa. “That’s why dad slept on the sofa because he thought he’d protect the children from any activity.” We then entered the bishop’s room, which is meant to be the most haunted room in the house.

“The local medium said there’s spirits that came with this bed, and there’s a lady in here that’s looking for her lover, but the spirits won’t let her leave the bed,” Caroline revealed. Walking out of the Ancient Ram I couldn’t help but feel uneasy, it’s a house steeped in history, and certainly not a place for the faint-hearted.