A post on social media has warned residents in Thornbury after a number of items were stolen from a car.

The incident took place on Tuesday night and a post appeared in a Facebook group the following day.

They said: "Someone went through our car last night whilst it was parked on our drive in the Sibland Road/Jubilee Drive area.

"They stole some phone cables, sunglasses and a dog crate. Annoyingly, we left the car unlocked overnight so it was clearly an opportunistic theft.

"In any case, this is just a reminder that thieves are on the prowl so lock your cars, garages and front/back doors.

"And if anyone finds a very tired dog crate that’s been discarded by a thief who realised it’s a pain to carry then please post it up here.

"To the thief, I hope your next s*** is a hedgehog."