THE Environment Agency has been praised by a councillor in Sodbury after they revealed plans to test temporary flood defences in the town.

Sodbury Town Council confirmed that the agency would be taking action in early November to try and prevent flooding from the River Frome that runs through the town.

The agency are planning to deploy around 400m of temporary barriers along the riverside footpath on St John’s Way from 9.30am until 3pm on November 13.

It is believed that up to 30 properties along St John’s Way are at risk of flooding, these temporary barriers will help the agency decide on how best to tackle any potential problem in the future.

Properties on Manor Way, Vayre Close and St John’s Way are currently the most at risk.

A spokesperson for the agency said: “Although a permanent flood barrier is not economically viable at this time, we are investigating the possibility of reducing the risk of flooding with temporary barriers.”

The last time Sodbury was flooded was in 2000, but recent mapping has indicated it could be a problem in the near future if not dealt with.

The path, the Frome Valley Walkway, will be diverted during the test.

Mayor of Chipping Sodbury James Ball said: “With climate change being a very real threat in 2019, it is good to see that the Environment Agency are working hard to protect homes and businesses in the area.

“The flood defences that are being tested in Chipping Sodbury will no doubt put local residents minds at ease due to the threat of flooding from the River Frome to their homes.

“Particularly at this time of year, the river level rises quite dramatically as can be seen at the moment after the recent spate of wet weather.

“We hope the defences won’t need to be deployed but having them available in the future will bring peace of mind to those at risk.”

Cllr Phil Rumney added: “They came to the council meeting and told us about it.

“Hopefully it works because it will be good for the area. If it stops one house getting flooded then it is definitely worth it.”