Meet the twins from Yate who are hoping to storm their way in to the boxing world.

Jake and Ben Demmery, 23, together weigh the same as one of the Klitschko brothers but they pack a lot of punch.

The pair were born just six minutes apart and recently turned professional after successful amateur careers.

After their first bouts, the duo are both ‘1 and 0’, but they have said that if they were ever forced to fight each other they would simply do ‘rock, paper, scissors’ in the ring instead.

“It’s unlikely now but in the amateurs there was a chance we could be drawn against each other. It never happened,” Jake said.

“We always said that if it ever did we’d have to do ‘rock-paper-scissors’ and the loser would have to pull out.

“We had nine years of trying to dodge each other. We had one tournament where we could have fought but we both got dodgy decisions, it’s pretty much impossible now.

“We fight in completely different styles. I’m more of a boxer - stand back, look good, pick your shots. He’s more about coming forward, having a tear up.”

As well as being likened to the Klitschko brothers the pair say have also been compared to some of London’s most notorious gangsters.

Jake said: “Everyone calls us the Kray twins - but we’re not horrible or anything!

Ben added: “The Klitschkos are a bit big for us - they’re about 20 stone. We’re ten stone ten which is probably one of their legs.”

The lads also explained how their parents, Catherine and Mark, have been nothing but supportive throughout their careers.

“Our parents love the fact that we got involved with something so early. If it was a fight or go out we’d always fight,” Ben said.

“But I think they’re nervous for their children too. Mum tends to watch through her fingers or not at all. Dad loves it. We’ve been dedicated for 12 years.”

Jake and Ben both still work full-time, as a window fitter and bricklayer respectively. They train hard in the evenings and are constantly dieting to make their fighting weight.

The twins say giving up their jobs to box for a living would be a “dream come true” - but it’s a way off yet.

“Going professional, it’s different to football and rugby where people sign you on. We get paid out of our ticket sales,” Jake said.

“We have to sell as many as possible before fight night. Everyone sees Floyd Mayweather and people like that - all our mates ask how much we’re getting paid.

“Out of the tickets you have to pay expenses - refs, the venue, ring hire. When you look at it, at the end, there isn’t that much money to go around.

The lads currently fight as ‘Team Demmery’ and say they would hate to have to split off. But, if the right opportunity presents itself, it could happen.

“We never, ever want to split off. I take him losing worse than I take myself losing,” Ben said.

“We want to be on the same shows, at the same level. We want each other to do well.”

His word were echoed by his brother, with Jake adding: “We wouldn’t do it unless we had to.

“But, realistically, there is only one title in each weight for boxers.”