OWNERS of Yate Shopping Centre’s oldest shop are preparing for their 75th anniversary next year.

Abraham’s Jewellers was started by RAF serviceman James Abraham in Clifton in 1945.

The business began when James started repairing watches and clocks of soldiers after the war - his family say that he had a flair for anything mechanical.

Trade was good in the early years but tailed off, that was when Abraham’s made the move to a new development in 1966 called Yate.

“We opened our first shop on North Parade next to the fire station,” James’ grandson and owner Richard Abraham said.

“We were based there for 12 years and then moved in to another shop on North Walk in 1978.

“Six years ago we then decided to make the move to the very centre where we have remained ever since.

“We are incredibly proud of how long we have been here in Yate, we are a luxury industry for a lot of people so we think it is a great achievement.

“The centre does really well and we are really pleased to be a part of it.”

Richard now runs the shop alongside Roger Fox, both helping take the family business forward.

Abraham’s sells a number of high quality items including watches, earrings and necklaces.

They also offer maintenance services and frequently repair watches and jewellery for customers.

Richard’s father Malcolm, who had started working for his father James at just 15 years of age, still helps with repairs in the shop.

The shop recently celebrated their 6th anniversary in their current shop right in the centre of the shopping centre, but next year is big for the family.

The shop posted some photos from the long tenancy on their Facebook page, showing the official opening of the North Walk store in 1978.

In 2020 Abraham’s is due to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the business and although Richard revealed there are no plans as yet, but the shop will be doing something for its customers.