A RESIDENT from Yate has expressed his concern at the new layout at one of Yate’s most ‘difficult’ roundabouts.

South Gloucestershire Council announced plans to improve signage and the layout of the B & Q roundabout earlier this year, however some have been left unimpressed with the changes.

Jon Maidment said: “How can I best summarise my views on this work in terms of benefits to the local community and value for money to the local council tax payer? ‘Shambolic’ immediately comes to mind.

“The two new pedestrian crossings at the end of Westerleigh Road and the start of Kennedy Way are simply unnecessary.

“There is very limited footfall at these two locations and the old system where there were crossing points with an island in the middle of the road at these locations, was more than sufficient and had no impact on pedestrian safety.

“The new road markings are difficult to read and confusing at certain points. Take for example driving along Westerleigh Road towards the roundabout. The right hand lane is now marked as BATH & CH’SOD with a right hand arrow. The Left lane is marked S’STORE (ie Morrisons). Proceed past the Morrisons turnoff and CH’SOD is now marked straight on. So motorists in the right hand lane looking to drive to Sodbury have to cut across into the left hand lane. This is wrong.

“The Left hand lane should be marked as S’STORE & CH’SOD. Having stood by the roundabout this week to observe traffic flow, it is clearly evident that drivers are ignoring the markings and doing what they think is right, mostly in line with my observation.

“Not surprisingly, car horns were sounding as drivers ‘cut up’ other motorists and confusion appeared to prevail. It’s surely only a matter of time before an accident occurs here.”

“Yate in general is overwhelmed by pedestrian crossings which heavily impacts traffic flow. Take for example the part of Kennedy Way from the new crossing to the roundabout where the road meets Scott Way, a distance of no more than ½ mile.

“There are now no less than three lighted pedestrian crossings and two lighted junctions, which also facilitate road crossings, along this stretch. How can these be justified?

“With the rapid expansion of Yate and Sodbury now well under way, road infrastructure needs to be improved to avoid the gridlock we regularly see in Yate from getting significantly worse.

“The money spent on this initiative would have been better elsewhere. Completion of the infamous ‘road to nowhere’ immediately comes to mind.”