A GROUP in Thornbury were treated last week as the Mayor popped in to visit.

The Friendship Group is run by Wendy and Michael Britton from the home, the Old Rectory in Rockhampton, every Friday morning from 10am until 12pm.

It has been running for around 18 months, with the pair providing opportunities for young adults with learning or physical disabilities.

Last Friday the Mayor of Thornbury Angela Symonds attended the group’s session where they were making biscuits.

“It is completely free for people to come along,” Wendy explained.

“The aim is to give them a chance to make friends with people in the community.

“It is nice to give them the chance to get out together because we often found that people with difficulties get lonely as they get older.”

The pair have five children of their own, two adopted and also fostered over 100 children.

Mayor of Thornbury Angela Symonds said: “This is a really lovely group and the job that Wendy and Michael do for them is brilliant.

“They do a great job for the community, it has been a real pleasure to come down today to meet everyone.

“It is fantastic to see people doing such good work for the community.”

One member of the group, Daniel Panting said: “If I was not part of the group I would be at home worrying about other things all the time.

“It lets me get out and forget about other problems.”

Wendy and Michael run numerous activities and accommodate a group of members can be contacted on 01454 261211.