The Environmental Agency met with residents last week to discuss potential problems with flooding in the area.

It comes after the agency were due to test temporary flood barriers after research showed that up to 50 homes could be hit by flooding in the Sodbury area around St John’s Way and Couzens Close.

This exercise was due to take place on Wednesday, however the agency were not able to carry the work out due to a number of resources being called to deal with floods in Yorkshire and other areas.

They were due to place flood barriers alongside the River Frome that runs through the town and then create a blockage to test water levels.

Around 400m of barrier was going to be placed by the river next to St John’s Way but agency employees were only able to meet with residents instead.

Colin Taylor, one of the employees that met with residents near the river has said that they are revising the date for the test.

“We were there on the day to speak with residents about issues with the river and it was productive,” he said.

“We spoke about the problem with them all and it was worthwhile.

“Unfortunately we were not able to test the barrier but we still wanted to come and make sure that we spoke with residents about flooding in the community.

“We are looking at dates in the future where will look to do this test again and it will probably take place at some point early in the new year.”

Mayor of Chipping Sodbury James Ball said: “With climate change being a very real threat in 2019, it is good to see that the Environment Agency are working hard to protect homes and businesses in the area.

“The flood defences that are being tested in Chipping Sodbury will no doubt put local residents minds at ease due to the threat of flooding from the River Frome to their homes.

“Particularly at this time of year, the river level rises quite dramatically as can be seen at the moment after the recent spate of wet weather.

“We hope the defences won’t need to be deployed but having them available will bring peace of mind to those at risk.”