THE organisers of a proposed bike race that will take in part of South Gloucestershire have reassured residents that they have ‘planned meticulously’ for the event.

The Bristol Road Club are looking to bring the Severn Bridge Cycle Race back to the area after a seven year hiatus.

The event will see around 80 top-level cyclists compete on a circuit, taking in various parts of Thornbury, Olveston and Tockington.

The plan is for the cyclists to complete 10 laps of the circuit, but some residents had expressed their concern over the races return with a petition being signed by nearly 100 people.

That was started by Graham Clark but at a recent meeting held by the race organisers, residents were able to get answers to their concerns.

Brian O’Kelly, organiser said: “We have held the event successfully in a different location since 2013 but we would have liked to bring it back sooner.

“The race was always held with plenty of support from the community for 20 years, we want to bring it back.

“It is local, it is quieter and it is also a much safer route for the cyclists.

“We have been told by police that we are supported in holding this race on this route and we have spent a lot of time planning and making sure that disruption for residents would be kept to a minimum.”

The race had been held in Henbury, near Blaise Castle, for the last six years following an unfortunate incident that saw a cyclist killed in a collision with a car on the route in South Gloucestershire in 2013.

There was an inquest into the incident the following year, hence the change in location.

Pete Deamer, of British Cycling, was also at the meeting and said: “We think that this is a really good route and think it is something that residents would enjoy,” he said.

“We know that some have expressed their concerns but we would like to work with you to make this race as successful as possible.

“I work on races like this all the time all over the country and this is definitely a well-planned event.”

The race is expected to go ahead on Sunday, March 1 as long as Avon and Somerset Police give permission.