A popular fast food van that is used by a number of people in the Gloucestershire community has been stolen.

Chris Beard, the owner of Cotswold Fast Food, posted an appeal on Facebook after his fast food van was stolen from Manor Farm, Slimbridge on Wednesday night.

Police have been informed but Chris is appealing for anyone with any information.

"It was taken from the farm on Wednesday and we haven't heard anything else since," he said.

"We are quite well known and the support of our customers and the community has been really great.

"Hopefully we can find it and get it back because if not it is going to be a long process.

The van, that costs around £20-£30k, had been in the community for over a decade.

"We had been running from the farm for 14 years," Chris continued.

"I don't think we will be back up and running before Christmas if we don't find it."