A RESIDENT who has attended the Remembrance Sunday parade in Chipping Sodbury for a number of years has criticised some people who made a lot of noise during the service.

The resident, who did not wish to be named, said: "This is just a complaint regarding the remembrance parade in the high street.

"I have been attending and participating in parades there since I was a small child. Sunday I found was such a lovely service and had a fantastic turn out, the parade looked so smart and everybody stood out in the cold out of respect from the small children to the elderly.

"However the lack of respect from people who came out from the local pubs was so disappointing.

"I was near the back of the congregation and although there were speakers many of us could hardly hear the service due to the chatting and laughing going on.

"On pretty much the one most important time of year that people want to get together to pay their respects other people are stood around laughing and chatting, drinking pints and smoking in the middle of the High Street."