WHAT a joy! What an escape! To be aboard the Viking Sky and be at least one step removed from the myriad and muddle of Brexit was a much needed break.

Yes information was available if we wanted it but it was much easier to put it all behind us and enjoy the marvels of Monaco.

I had made the complications of Brexit worse by too much reading and too much thinking. Instead I should have turned to the writings and broadcasting of someone possessed of clear thinking and common sense.

Perhaps, because he was a former pupil of Marling School I had tried to ignore him, not wanting to give the Stroud school any credit.

Perhaps however he is not well known as a former wearer of the black blazer but Peter Hennessey, now Lord Hennessey of Nympsfield has fond memories of his Stroud school days.

When I worked at Lord’s cricket ground the Atlee Professor of History at London University brought some of his students on a tour of the ground.

It was as a genuine cricket man. (First division now Peter!).

Following his writing and broadcasting career, not as carefully as I could have done. I was impressed by two things.

Firstly, he was beautifully balanced in his views, consistent with his sitting in its House of Lords as a cross bencher.

More difficult matters seem simple.

How much we have needed him.

I await with anticipation a book entitled ‘The Boris Years or hopefully months’.

From this man we can learn so much.

He clearly sees the muddled world around us. This is not surprising from a man whose two titles are unmatchable.

Atlee Professor of History is one to treasure as is being a Lord of Nympsfield, and being a cricket fan as well mark him down as an individual of true identity.

The current president of our county club is an old Marlingtonian and I am sure would be proud to entertain Peter at a game next season.

Cheltenham could be the venue.

My email is at the top of the page. It could be easily arranged.

We could all learn so much.