Review by Lesley Lees. 

On Sunday 17th November, my husband and I made our way through pouring rain to the Cossham Hall in Thornbury.

Here Nicola Woodward( known locally as Nicki Barnes) and the International flute soloist Wissam Boustany were to give a concert called Flute Flight. This was the culmination of several inspiring workshops and master classes involving fifty flautists.

Nicki is known for her flute playing and for the Rockhampton Folk Festival which she organises each year. William is well-known in the flute world and his peace work for which he received a knighthood in Lebanon.

They both celebrated their passion for the flute with their own compositions; “Maddigan’s Call” by Nicki with Irish undertones, and “Future Blossom” by William where he demonstrated amazing dynamic control.

This was followed by three impressive students from the day’s master classes ; Sam Courthold playing Berceuse by Faure, Lizzie Elliott playing the 2nd Movt of a sonata by Mel Bonis and Laura Johnson who played the 3rd Movt of a sonata by York Bowen.

Where would they be without Jacquelyn Bevan and her own piano playing. The accompaniment was, at times, almost impossible, yet it was constantly delivered to be perfectly coordinated.

We all enjoyed “How lovely is thy Dwelling Place”and the younger members playing of “Zig Zag Zoo” conducted by Clemency Rubinstein.

The concert ended by all flutes present joining together in the Grande Finale of “Brian Boru”.

From 4 to 75 years of age it was obvious that from grade 4 to diploma level, everyone had a marvellous day, hearing, playing and celebrating life through the flute.