The Road to Nowhere in Yate is due to be closed to the public next week as more filming takes place on the abandoned dual carriageway.

The road, which was never finished, runs by the side of Yate/Westerleigh Common.

It is regularly used by dog walkers and pedestrians as a cut through, but it has also been used by companies as a filming location.

In the past Doctor Who and Casualty has been filmed on the road, but it is due to be closed next Monday as more camera crews are expected.

Around 80 vehicles turned up, including 60 crew and 20 others to film car chases.

It is not yet known what filming is taking place, but it will mean that the road is closed to pedestrians from 6am-8pm on Monday.

The Friends of Yate Common Facebook page posted: "The road to nowhere is having a spruce up as it’s being used by a production company for filming on Monday between 6am -8pm.

"There is a big crew with lots of vehicles and we are presuming there will be no access across the road as they are filming car chases."