A RESIDENT who has spent most of her life living in Sodbury has turned 100-years-old.

The spritely Joan ‘Lightning’ Davis was born on November 28, 1919 in Dursley, Gloucestershire.

Nicknamed Lightning for her fast speed and agility whilst running, Joan believes that she moved to Sodbury aged two or three-years-old.

“Everyone knew each other. There wasn’t anywhere near as many people,” Joan said.

Joan spent a period living with her aunt and uncle in the area at the pub they owned in Old Sodbury, The Dog Inn.

Able to recall every business that ever operated in Sodbury High Street, Joan explained one of the moments that she remembered fondly from her youth around the late 1930’s.

“ I was waiting for a bus when a rather handsome man stepped out of the telephone booth,” The former employee of Northavon Council explained.

“He was lovely and he came and asked if I had any change for the phone. I recognised him as David Niven the Hollywood film star.”

Joan, a former student of Chipping Sodbury Grammar School, also formed part of many groups in the area but one of her big passions was the Junior Imperial League.

She also played a key role in helping to establish the Sodbury Historical Society and amateur dramatics group Sodbury Players.

Joan said her time at Calshot during the outbreak of war as ‘some of the best times’ of her life.

“We created a number of fantastic memories there,” said Joan who had already joined the Auxilliary Airforce before the war.

It was during her time in the forces that Joan met her husband Harry Davis. They were married in a ceremony at St Mary’s Church in Yate in October 1944 and moved to 2 Ridgeway. The couple them moved north to Berkeley where they owned the Mariners Arms pub, inspired by her aunt and The Dog.

“We made many great memories there but we decided to come back to Sodbury.”

The family, which by then included children Richard and Heather moved to Hounds Close in 1972 where Joan has remained despite Harry passing away.

“It has changed remarkably since my youth but I have always thought it was a very nice place to live.”