DALE Vince has thrown his support behind Labour candidate David Drew ahead of the General Election.

The owner of Ecotricity and chairman of Forest Green Rovers praised the job Mr Drew has done serving Stroud as MP.

He said: “David knows a lot about the area and he has done a good job.

“Also he’s representing a party which has come up with some super green policies and according to the UN, we’ve got 10 years to change the way we live to avoid the worst effects of climate change.”

Mr Vince said the government which is selected on December 12 will have a huge impact on the climate.

“It’s vital that we have a green government and Labour are by far the greenest party of any serious party, by which I mean a party that could form a government,” he said.

“There are only two parties that can form a government, the Conservatives or Labour.

“If you look at their record over the last 10 years, the Tories are anti-green, and to me the essential issue is fighting climate change, we need a government which is committed to doing that and Labour’s policies on the green industrial revolution are brilliant, and they have announced a plan for planting two billion trees which is just incredible.”

Mr Vince said the fact that the Green Party can’t form a government is why he will be voting Labour.

“I also don’t think their policies are greener than Labour’s which is key,” he said.

“If you vote Green in Stroud, then you let the Tories in. If you want green, then vote Labour.

“I have met with Molly Scott Cato to chat about this and she said that Labour have taken the Green Party’s policies.

“And I said was you should be pleased because there are two ways to create change in the world.

“One is to do it yourself and one is to influence other people, to be a catalyst, and if the Green Party have been a catalyst for Labour to become super green then they have done their job.

“Molly should not be standing in Stroud in my opinion because all she’s going to do is let in an un-green government and it’s really a question of putting the plan before party and stepping aside and allowing Labour to get on and do the job because they can form a government.”

The SNJ asked the Green Party to respond to Mr Vince's comments. 

Molly Scott Cato said: "As your MEP I have supported higher EU renewables targets not in return for political support or donations but because it is the best thing for our economy and our climate.

"As your MP I would represent everybody who lives in the constituency fairly and equally as democracy requires.

"Our Green New Deal was not put together for the General Election, but has been formed by experts for over a decade.

"While we appreciate that Labour has adopted many of the policies we have been pushing for years, we also know that the two main political parties have proved they will only act under on the climate agenda pressure from Green votes.

"We agree that political parties have to start acting beyond their tribal interests and are very disappointed that Labour has always refused to do so.

"The Green Party will not be forming the new government but Caroline Lucas has proved what a powerful Green politician at Westminster can achieve.

"We know that our town’s largest employer has long supported Labour financially but how you vote on December 12 remains your decision, and a private one.

"If you want Green, vote Green."